\”And verily the Hereafter will be better for thee than the present.\” 93:4

July 1, 2007

AsSalaamuAlaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu. Your Du’aas are Needed!

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How do we maintain a healthy soul? How will Allah SWT be truly happy with us? How is it that we can attain Jannah?

 Nowadays in the hustle and bustle of life…going to college, working, hanging with friends…there are so many questions we should be asking ourselves that we have been neglecting. And these questions can trigger our journey to success. I am not talking about success in terms of worldly benefits. I’m talking about the real success. The sucess that lies with Allah SWT, our Creator and Sustainer. 

Inshaa’Allah I want this blog to be a reminder for me and a reminder for those who pass by it and read it that the real bliss and happiness lies not in this fleeting Dunya but in the Hereafter. So many times we forget our real destination. We remain empty of any shukr, hope and fear. These three elements are essential in attaining Jannatul Firdous. Our soul is a delicate thing which needs to be worked on time and time again. Allah SWT so many times calls us humans weak, ungrateful and at LOSS. But there is always an exception: those who work rightousness and enjoin in truth and patience.  Those are whom Allah SWT calls the successful.



  1. Wa Alaikum Assalam Wa Rahmatullah

    lol, I laughed yet again when I saw “hustle and bustle”

    Anyways, May Allaah make your blog a place that is beneficial to your emaan and to the emaan of others, Ameen!

    See ya around inshaAllaah

    Comment by Salafiya — July 4, 2007 @ 5:56 am |Reply

  2. aww man.=)
    AMEEN ya Rabb.

    seriously ukhtee your duas are what I really need, jazakAllahu khayran, it means alot. may Allah SWT increase your imaan and may your blog be a means to increase the emaan of others. ameen.

    You should realllly update your blog ukht!

    Comment by Aish Al Akhirah — July 5, 2007 @ 11:38 pm |Reply

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